WIRO wire binding

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We are proud to present: WIRO

Hot-wired for success!

WIRO is Calendaria’s speciality: this wire binding process is perfect wherever individual sheets are to be joined together permanently – in calendars, brochures, manuals, catalogues and many other things. Printed products fitted with WIRO are easy to open, even wide – in fact the pages can even be turned over completely and never fold back again. Practical – and practically impossible with standard binding!

WIRO knows (virtually) no bounds at Calendaria AG: we can fit formats up to 700 x 700 mm and block thicknesses up to 10 mm. Perfect for means of communication up to 36 sheets or 72 pages (more pages possible). The material mix is of no significance: paper, cardboard, plastic, film – practically everything is possible. What’s more, we can provide WIRO wire in a whole range of colours. Let your artistic imagination run wild. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more details. You will soon see: WIRO is hot-wired for success!